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A blog for the free spirits, travelers, outdoor enthusiasts, the road trippers, the photography lovers and those in a perpetual state of wanderlust.

Hi! I’m Missy. The voice behind The Wandering Rebels. A blog to inspire your wanderlust through travel guides detailing the bucket list locations and hidden gems of your next destination. As well as provide travel and photography tips, tricks and helpful itineraries from my own journey and experiences.

I reside in Central Florida with my husband and travel partner Christian and our dog Storm. I currently work a full-time human resources manager while managing my urge to explore on the weekends.

This blog began with as a passion project for my love of travel, free spirited adventure, photography and as a Sagittarius, my never-ending sense of wanderlust. In the early days of my photography career, I grew my wedding photography business for 5 years serving couples and preserving their memories, but the weekend time commitment coupled with my full-time job, gave me no space to do the things I was most passionate about like Travel. So, when I inevitably closed my wedding photography business and spent two weeks hiking and exploring California, I fell back in love with my camera, my sense of passion for photography and ultimately this led me to create The Wandering Rebels.

Since then, I’ve been blessed to have backpacked through Europe, explored the desert of Joshua Tree, Road tripped the beautiful Coast of the Pacific North West, stood above the soaring views of the Golden Gate Bridge, walked through the magnificent Fall leaves in New England as well as many more adventures in the past and to come.

I hope to take you along the next adventure filled with laughter, possible bruises from my clumsy hiking skills, horrible car karaoke, and lots of amazing photographs, tips, and many new experiences along the way.

Welcome the Wandering Rebels

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